SKU: Portable Battery Charger

About Swellpro DronePower 45K

The World's Largest Capacity Drone Power Bank

One Stone for All Birds
DronePower is a universal power bank for the most common 2S/3S/4S Lithium-technology drone batteries as well as DJI-series smart batteries and USB devices. It comes with dedicated charging cables for DJI Phantom 3/4, Mavic and Spark series. There are also outlets for batteries of other model aircraft and racing quadcopters.

Supercharge Your Creativity
The SwellPro DronePower 45K packs a huge 45,000mAh of charging capacity into a compact, convenient and intelligent power station to fast charge your drone batteries. Add the world's highest capacity powerpack to your flying kit and enjoy up to 15 charges for your Mavic, 9 charges for your Phantom, or 8 charges of your SplashDrone without going near a power point. Just like having a bag full of spare batteries!

Charge in a Flash
The intelligent, high power output of the DronePower 45K power bank enables you to fully charge a hobby lipo drone battery 50% faster than a standard mains charger.